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Hello! I am Furkan Derbazlar. I prepared this special video to share with you my journey from the day I stepped into the fighting world until today.


I will share with you both the experiences I had in my boxing career and the successes I achieved in my coaching adventure.


👊 Starting from my Boxing Career:


A Journey in the Middle of the Ring It's the passion that draws me to the world of boxing and my initial phase.


The difficulties I have gone through and the victories I have gained since my first match. I will explain how each match shaped me as a boxer and coach.


🏆 My Firsts in Boxing History in Turkey:


My Story of Success and Pioneering As someone who has achieved many "firsts" in the boxing arena in Turkey, I will share how I achieved these successes and how I contributed to the development of the sport.


You will learn what I do to guide young talents and push the boundaries of sports.


🥋 My Coaching Adventure:

Growing with My Students I will tell you how I stepped into the coaching world after my boxing career and how I trained young boxers. I will talk about the values ​​I bring to my athletes, my role in their development and my coaching mission.


🔑 Personal and Athlete Development:

The Traces I Left Behind My philosophy of life, my personal development and my understanding of contributing to athletes. I will explain how I inspire young talents, considering that boxing is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle.


🎥 "Who is Furkan Derbazlar?" This video is a documentary that tells the full story of my boxing career and coaching adventure. It will take you on a journey from emotional moments to victories and lessons learned. I hope this video inspires boxing enthusiasts and helps them understand the power of the sport more deeply. I invite you to think more about boxing and life. Enjoy watching! 🥊✨

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