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Boxing Trainer
Furkan Derbazlar

Şampiyonları Eğitmek ve Potansiyeli Keşfetmek

We are here to support you in your boxing journey and help you achieve victories with our boxing coaching service. Join us and take an important step in the exciting world of boxing!


Expertise and Passion Together

Boxing is an exciting sport that requires courage, discipline and endurance. With our boxing coaching service, we help you reach your best version by guiding you on your boxing journey.

Our service is suitable for athletes of all levels. If you are a beginner, we teach basic boxing techniques and strengthen you. For more experienced boxers, we reinforce advanced skills such as strategy, tactics and competitive match preparation.

By working with us, you will build your character while improving yourself. By learning values such as discipline, self-control, teamwork and determination, we guide you to achieve success in the boxing arena and other areas of life.

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Amateur Boxing Trainer

Amateur boxing coaching plays a critical role in making young athletes' dreams come true. As an experienced coach, I teach my students the basic techniques of boxing, develop their physical and mental abilities and support their progress in a competitive environment.


Professional Boxing Trainer

As a professional boxing coach, I use my expertise and experience to guide the careers of athletes and enable them to make their mark in the boxing world. While I motivate them, increase their confidence and guide them through difficult periods, I become an important support in their championship journey.

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