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Amateur Boxing Trainer
Furkan Derbazlar

Educating Champions and Discovering Potential

We are here to support you in your boxing journey and help you achieve victories with our boxing coaching service. Join us and take an important step in the exciting world of boxing!

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The word amateur brings to everyone's mind a low-level athlete or training system. But the word amateur is a category in combat sports. When necessary, you have to compete in competitions under much more difficult conditions than those in the professional category. All tournaments held in Turkey, such as the Turkish Championship, are called amateur categories.

We all start from this level when we start, so I also coach our amateur athletes who want to be hobbyists or amateurs in order to have a great impact on their future.



I have dozens of athletes that I would like to name and write about their achievements one by one. These athletes are quite numerous as they have participated in dozens of championships in Turkey and international tournaments under my National Team coaching.

  • Türkiye Champions

  • World Champions

  • Like Special Organization Champions…

That's why if I write them here, they will take up too much space, so you can see them in the achievements of our athletes section. I'm glad they exist 

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